Wonderful ideas to make a living room warmer
Having a warmer room is synonymous with enjoying every minute we spend in this place. It can be to receive visitors or as a family, to watch television or read a good book ... But the important thing
There is no doubt that the most welcoming place in the house is the living room ( click here to get some decorations ideas ), because there we receive our visitors, enjoy a coffee or dessert, watch television as a family or lie on the sofa to read a good book.
If you want to know how to make a living room warmer, in the following article you will find several ideas, tricks and tips that can help you. Do not miss it!

Tricks to have a warmer living room

Our home life and activities revolve around the classroom ; This place is usually the one that we spend the most time, both alone and with others. A cup of coffee, a book, a movie, a talk or a nap… Everything happens here.
Mediterranean style living room.
For this reason, it is understandable that we want to make the room warmer and that our experience is very pleasant in this place. How to achieve that warmth and that wonderful feeling of home? With the following tricks:

1. Take advantage of natural light

Undoubtedly, it favors a lot in the decoration, but it also serves to create atmosphere, to call it somehow. A good window will illuminate the entire room and help make the living room seem more pleasant.
In the event that you do not have a good window, it does not matter, since at some point of the day you will be able to enjoy at least a little light. Take the opportunity to do your activities at that time. Another way to add more light to the environment is by painting the walls white and avoiding dark-colored furniture.

2. Place the sofa in a strategic place

The main protagonist of the living room is the sofa . But sometimes we don't really know how or where to place it and it ends up 'lost' among other furniture. When you think about the organization of the environment, keep in mind that the seats must be arranged in such a way that they allow conversation and mobility of people.
You can put two sofas facing each other, one against a wall in front of the TV or the fireplace, a smaller one on the side, a rocking chair in one of the corners ... But the important thing is that they are comfortable and do not become a nuisance.
Two environments in the living room.

3. Choose rustic fabrics

You already have the light and the sofa… What do you need to create a warmer living room? The fabrics! We refer to curtains , rugs, cushions or even a blanket that you place on a seat to cover your feet in winter while you enjoy your favorite novel and a delicious herbal tea.
Choose better fabrics that have texture, such as velvet or chenille, as they add warmth to the environment . For the curtains you should use thicker ones that give the feeling of shelter, but that do not give up the passage of sunlight.
As for the carpet , it is an interesting resource especially in places where winter makes itself felt. Then in summer you have the option of saving it or leaving it in a less protagonist plane, such as on one of the sides where there is not so much passage.
The rugs can be plain, patterned or decorated, but always in tune with the rest of the furniture and fabrics . There are even people who choose to put a rug in a striking color to counteract a neutral or light furniture.

4. Pay attention to colors

We have said that the walls are better white and the furniture in light tones. But what about the decoration? We advise you to opt for serene and neutral tones as these make us think of something pleasant, relaxing and intimate.
Living room in black lines.
Look within the color palette for brown, beige, yellow, peach, terracotta or pastel tones. They will be more than good and your living room will be more than beautiful and warm.

5. Place a good lamp

Finally, if you want to have a warmer living room, we recommend that you get a lamp that stands out in the environment. Of course, because although natural light is very important, we are not always in this room during the day and therefore we need good artificial lighting.
A lamp in the center can be an excellent option, although you can also choose to place them in the corners or on the sides of the sofa.
As you can see, with just a few tricks and changes you can achieve a warmer room, to enjoy at any time of the year and with whoever you decide.