6 tips for decorating a rectangular living room
Decorating a rectangular room can be a very interesting challenge, contrary to what many think, this space lends itself to many things. The key is to take advantage of the light and give it a touch of depth.
6 tips for decorating a rectangular living room
The rectangular living room has its complexities, but also its advantages, by following these simple tips to decorate this type of space, you will be able to get a lot out of it. In the end, you will get a room that will have nothing to envy to a square one.
Among the things that you should consider about this space is that they are long and it is necessary to optimize them so that there are good passageways and the decoration allows circulation. The first thing you should do is identify the characteristics of your living room : if there are columns that divide the areas, if the space is open and joins the kitchen or study and if it has a good view, because all this influences.

The 6 Tips for decorating a rectangular living room

The success when decorating your rectangular living room lies in learning to separate the areas very well and find a way to trick the eye so that it looks much larger than it is and is also harmonious. To achieve this, take note of these 6 tips.

1. Clear the center of the room

Clear the center of the space.
Taking into account that the living room must allow free movement, it is a very good option to bring the furniture and the sofa towards the walls . In this way, the center will be free of obstacles. This tip is especially useful when decorating a rectangular room that is also narrow. if you want more details ideas check this article​
In addition, by following the line of the walls with the furniture, a harmony is generated between them and an optical illusion that makes the space look free.

2. Take advantage of the corners

When moving the furniture towards the walls, there are some corners that are usually wasted. To give them the prominence they deserve, try placing corner furniture or side tables , the idea is that, in addition to contributing to the decoration, they are also functional.
Among the options to take advantage of your corners are also custom furniture such as shelves, which help to organize other decorative objects very well or can serve as a library , if you do not have another space for it.

3. Keep the geometry

Use different figures to decorate your rectangular room.
The common thing in a rectangular room is to decorate with pieces of the same shape, but you can generate different nuances by implementing some square and circular objects .
An example of this are the pictures that you can place on the wall behind the main sofa, it would be ideal to place a gallery of pictures of different sizes and that varies between square and rectangular frames . Place them high up to put the spotlight there.
Of course, keep in mind that in this type of space the best is the minimalist decoration , it is not good to recharge them to give that feeling of spaciousness.

4. Give priority to light

If your rectangular living room has windows that allow in good natural light , take advantage of it! If the view is beautiful, even more so, you must make it one more decorative element.
Remember that natural light transforms your spaces, highlights your decorative objects and makes the living room look bigger. Therefore, you should not block the entry of light. Avoid using heavy curtains, try leaving the windows without curtains and place the main sofa on the wall that has no windows and move the furniture away from them.

5. Combine the sofa with thin-leg furniture

Decorate the rectangular living room with a sofa and thin-legged armchairs.
As the idea is that the rectangular living room does not look so overloaded, it is a very good option to combine the main L-shaped sofa with armchairs with thin legs , which are not robust at all.
The same applies to coffee tables and auxiliary tables, it will be ideal that their legs and structure are thin. In this case, you can opt for acrylic or glass tables that also allow light to pass through every corner .

6. Focus attention on the wall behind the sofa

Although painting the rectangular living room white helps to give it space, dare to give a different touch to the wall behind the sofa. This should always be the longest. In this way you will be able to give the living room a little depth .
Among the options to decorate this space are wallpaper, a good collection of photographs , paintings or the use of a different tonality only on this wall.

Take advantage of these tips to decorate your rectangular living room!

A rectangular living room is a pleasant challenge, there are many options, although you might not believe it at first, that allow it to be spacious and take advantage of space. Everything, while continuing to decorate it according to your tastes. In addition to these tips, try virtually dividing your spaces with rugs and furniture. This will also help your living room look bigger.