Floating shelves, a new trend in decoration
Floating shelves are a good formula to achieve a more relaxed atmosphere and where originality prevails; after all, they are configured as a good component for decoration.
Innovation becomes one of the objectives that we usually set for interior design. When we have to choose the resources and the furniture, we tend to resort to the most common prototypes; However, we are going to analyze what floating shelves are like , a new trend in decoration like what forsimplytech do in his home decor ideas post .
On more than one occasion, we have doubts about where to place a flowerpot, a vase, some books, etc. It can be difficult to arrange certain elements and distribute them in a coherent way, but due to the format of the house or the lack of space, we are a little more limited.
In this sense, interesting ideas arise to furnish without losing the functional capacity. The idea is that we know what we can use and what not, taking into account that everything must be organized without anything becoming an obstacle to internal traffic.

The floating shelves, what are they like?

When describing how the floating shelves are, we must bear in mind that, firstly, they will not occupy a space in the lower part but in height ; in other words, they do not have support legs on the ground, quite the opposite.
Thus, a greater use of the room is produced . In this way, they are placed in corners, recesses or simply on the wall. This new trend is gaining ground over traditional shelving, basically due to the facilities it offers and the aesthetic effect it generates.
Denotes an original and more modern image . Once we contemplate them, we wonder how they are held, since no structural support system can be envisioned. This formula is very interesting for current homes that follow a minimalist, contemporary or avant-garde line.
An innovative resource that opens a new aesthetic vision in the house.

Types of floating shelves

There are different types on the market. We can organize them ourselves as it suits us . They are independent of each other , hence we can work them according to the aesthetic objective we want. Let's see some examples:
  • One of the most common cases is shelves separated from each other that form an angle of 90ΒΊ with the wall . They are fixed with brackets or spikes and can be perfectly adapted to any part of a room.
  • Another example are those that have an unequal scheme, where several shelves are joined to form a single resource; that is, different compartments are established that function to divide sections and configure an organic system.
  • Depending on the geometric shapes we are looking for, we can find them in rectangular, circular, triangular or even sinuous formats. These formulas allow us to energize the environment by producing a feeling of greater originality and by generating a new design.
  • The wooden ones are the most common ; in fact, the previous ones are usually made of this material. Anyway, we have other options: metal ones. They are shelves made with fine iron or steel rods that are very functional. They can usually be found in offices or offices.
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Rope shelves

To offer an image that combines simplicity, the traditional and the natural, we have the rope shelves , an aesthetic approach that will attract the eye only for its originality.
We can do them ourselves; it's all a matter of having imagination and hooking knotted ropes on each of the shelves. To be properly supported, make sure that they are well fixed to the ceiling and, above all, that they are not in areas where there are drafts.
In this way, a very different appearance is achieved from what we generally find in houses; In addition, they do not take up too much space and become a very interesting decorative piece : they look great in bedrooms or study rooms .
Conventional shelving has gone down in history.

Where to place the floating shelves?

As mentioned above, there are different provisions , but if we want them to receive greater prominence we can use them, for example, above the headboard of the bed, next to the TV in the living room, to complete the corners of the living room , behind the the desk, etc.
Deep down, there are multiple possibilities and they contribute positively to the atmosphere of the place . They are even consolidated as a more attractive reference; For this reason, it is important that we try to establish an adequate coordination and combination with the rest of the furniture.