Deco mistakes that can ruin your living room
These are some of the deco mistakes that can ruin your living room. Find out how you can avoid them below.
The living room should be a practical and beautiful place where you feel one hundred percent comfortable. After all, it is the place where you spend the most time and where you meet your friends. Therefore, it is worth going through the deco mistakes that can ruin your living room so that you can avoid them and have a perfect living room. if you need more tips how to decorate your living room click here
Next, you will discover what the most common mistakes are and what are the keys so that you can correct them if you are committing any of them.

Beware of these deco mistakes that can ruin your living room

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Combine the entire room

It is very important to learn to choose a color palette and play with the different tones, otherwise it is easy for your living room to look like a department store catalog.
Forget about matching the curtains with the cushions and looking for the exact color between the walls and the rugs. It is about having a harmony between all colors and objects, while giving it that personal touch that is so much yours.
One tip: go slowly, you don't have to leave the salon ready in one go. Plan and you will see that you get it right more easily.

Not taking care of the distribution

Being one of the areas where most people usually gather, it must be very comfortable to navigate, without furniture that obstructs the passage. It should give a feeling of spaciousness.
A tip: make paths that you can travel and position the sofas in such a way that you can move between them without bumping yourself.
Golden furniture in Parisian style.

A bad balance of luxury

If you like elegant living rooms, great, but you must be careful not to saturate the decoration too much and use the elements with subtlety. Don't overdo it with flashy finishes or you'll have the adverse effect.
A tip: add golden details and noble materials such as marble or wood in some of the furniture pieces. Look at this Zara Home coffee table in marble and with metal legs.

Tables XL

Hanging large format paintings is usually one of the deco errors that can ruin your living room. Avoid unless your living room is worthy of a palace.
A tip: watch the dimensions; not only the size of the paintings, but also the size of the wall and the height at which you are going to hang it.

The curtains too flashy

The curtains dress any environment and decorate, at the same time that they let in the light or protect it, depending on the purpose. If your living room is small, avoid curtains with excessive fabric or with striking, large and brightly colored patterns.
One tip: give them that functional character and prevent them from becoming the center of attention.Image:
Prints for home curtains

Deco mistakes that can ruin your living room: fill it up

As much as you love your mug collection and your kids' crafts, displaying them in the living room is not the best way to create magazine decor. Saturating it with accessories and decorative pieces will only detract from its functionality.
One tip: think of a flexible decoration that changes with you. In this way, the teachings of Marie Kondo will be easier for you to apply and before something new comes in, you will take out something old.

Neglect bookstores

If you have a bookcase in your living room, the way you decorate it will say a lot about your personality. Put decorations, photographs, plants, etc., but do not forget the most important thing: books.
A tip: dedicate some shelves to literature and fill them with your children's stories, classics or your parents' encyclopedia, the important thing is that you do not forget their main function.

Deco mistakes that can ruin your living room: lighting

Image: Ikea
what's new in the IKEA catalog
Lighting is essential when setting spaces and a living room needs to have several points of light to create the atmosphere you need in each situation. Sitting down to a movie is not the same as having an afternoon of family games.
A tip: in addition to overhead lighting, add points of light with floor and table lamps. They will help you to give the amount of light that is needed in each activity.
Now that you know the deco errors that can ruin your living room and how you can fix them, you will be able to create a cozy and very comfortable environment.
Take care of the details, the proportions and that there are not too striking elements in the space so that harmony reigns.