Advantages of the rain shower and other alternatives
Years ago, showers were used solely and exclusively for their function: personal hygiene. But with the passage of time, the evolution of functionalities and decoration, showers have become an indispensable complement, giving us new models, such as the rain shower .
In addition to being an element of decoration and avant-garde, today the showers also serve as a space for relaxation and rest .
In this way, the shape and type of showers has evolved to the design of other types that are already included in modern spaces with sophisticated decoration .
One of the most widely used types of modern showers is the rain shower. Here we tell you its benefits and different alternatives of these showers so that you can choose between the options that you like the most.

How is the rain shower?

Work shelf for the shower.
A rain shower is the evolution of the showers that until now have been installed in all houses, but with the difference in the size of the shower head and the way the water falls .
In this way, in a rain shower the shower head has larger dimensions than in normal ones, so the way the water falls creates an effect as if it were raining , hence the name.

Benefits of the rain shower

We bring you a series of benefits of this type of shower that will make you want to buy one as soon as you finish reading.


Rain shower to relax.
As we said before, at present, when installing one shower or another, we also seek to find in it a feeling of rest and relaxation , in addition to other things.
Well, one of the greatest benefits of a rain shower is this, the relaxation it brings to the person inside. This relaxation is given by the way the water falls , which seems to be enveloping you.
In addition, you can choose different models depending on the type of jet you want, since there are more relaxing, cascading, stimulating and other options.

Beneficial for body circulation and contractures

Shower with rain head.
Due to the regulation of the water in terms of temperature and intensity offered by these showers, you can improve the circulation of your body.
As for contractures, as the water falls evenly, if we use a rather high pressure, we can relax the area where the contracture is to a greater extent .

They consume less water and are decorative

Decorative shower.
The possibility of regulating the flow rate of the water in the rain showers will consume much less and, therefore, there will be both economic and environmental savings that are so much needed.
The design of this type of shower so sophisticated will fit perfectly in modern bathrooms with trendy decoration.

Other types of modern showers

From the hand of the rain shower, others with similar characteristics have been designed, which you can choose according to your needs .

With hydromassage panel

Hydromassage shower.
Have you always dreamed of having a hot tub at home? If space does not allow you to install a bathtub, now there are hydromassage panels that you can install in the shower itself and that will allow you to totally relax.

With different types of sprinklers

Flat shower head.
You can choose between the following types of sprinklers:
  • Flat ceiling sprinklers with which you can make better use of space by not having to include more elements in the shower.
  • In the shape of a star , so that the water falls more widely.
  • With a simple shower head anchored to the ceiling .
The variety will allow you to choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs . Do you need more reasons to install it in your bathroom now?
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