Decoration ideas for a large family
If you have a large family, these tips may be what you need to have a functional and beautiful home like this one tips that make my home so beautiful , click here to see it.
If decorating a house is already complicated, doing it when you have a large family is even more so. The search for functionality multiplies and becomes a necessity, but you don't want to give up style for that, right?
Below, you will find some ideas so that you can have that house you always dreamed of and, at the same time, the one that all your children need. It's possible? Of course.

The house of a large family

One of the most interesting challenges that interior design presents is the search for a balance between functionality and aesthetics.If you add a large family to that, things get complicated.
The ultimate goal of decorating a home is to meet the needs of each member. The latter can be the cause of chaos within the home or a novel approach in terms of the distribution of spaces.
As if that were not enough, space problems are increasingly common in today's societies, where small floors, tight bedrooms and mini living rooms are the tonic. Look at these practical ideas for the house of a large family, where the most functional side is brought out, without neglecting its image.

The perfect hall

This is one of the most important areas of the house and the one that receives the least attention. For large families, the hall can become an outlet if it is used to the maximum.
Use benches with storage for shoes and think vertically for scarves, bags and accessories. Put hooks at different heights for everyone to reach, some shelves, shelves, etc. The KUBBIS coat rack from IKEA is great for this.

A dining room for large families

Mealtime can be tricky, how do you fit everyone at the table? Opt for benches, more people can fit in and even better if you can store things inside. Folding chairs are another option, especially if you have a very small space, so you can store them and clear the area.
The same happens with the table, there are extendable or with folding wings . Depending on the needs of the moment, you can open it and then close it so that there is more space. This one from Kave Home in white and oval shape is practical and beautiful.

A multipurpose room

The living room can be that place suitable for almost any activity . In it, children can do their homework and play, as well as being the meeting place where the family spends time together.
So that there is room for everyone in the afternoons of blanket and movie, nothing better than a corner sofa. It takes up less space and its versatility is unmatched. You may also find some XXL poufs or cushions useful.

How is the bathroom of a large family?

It is one of the places where you will need to optimize the space the most. For starters, whenever possible, think twice: two mirrors, two sinks, and a long worktop. In this way, several family members can brush their teeth at the same time.
If the bathroom is not very large, you need to sharpen your wits to have enough storage for everyone. Again, the vertical option is your great ally so that everything fits in a small space.

The children's bedroom

Now, the crux of the matter: getting everyone to fit in a bedroom. You have several solutions and some also allow you to have extra space to organize your toys, clothes, books ...
If the ceilings are high, take advantage of the height with train-type bunks. Also, the trundle beds will help you, where the drawers will be your great storage allies.
You need to think very well about each piece of furniture that you buy and each accessory that you put. Everything must have a double utility, be resistant and adapt to different ages and heights.
Surely with these tips, it will be a little easier for you to get that ideal space for everyone to be comfortable. Because large families can also have a beautiful and modern home.