Where to use terrazzo in the kitchen? Find out!
There are many options for using terrazzo in the kitchen. You can give it subtle touches with this material or make the decision to place it on the floor and walls. Let yourself fall in love with its
Terrazzo is a material that has returned to stay and prevail as a decorative trend ( for more decor ideas click here ) that, without a doubt, you can use in different spaces in your kitchen. Although it dates from the 15th century, it returns to show that it is essential, as well as economical and precious.
Currently you should not settle for a single range of colors, you can find it in any color that matches your kitchen and your utensils. Isn't this amazing? Of course it is! Read on to find out how and where to use it.

What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a recycled material.
Before starting to detail the spaces in the kitchen where you can use terrazzo, we want to tell you a little more about it and where it comes from. Well, it is a recycling material that originally, in Venice, was a solution to use the leftover marble , which was mixed with clay to pave.
Later, it was identified that when joined with cement it demonstrated greater strength and durability. In addition, other residues such as glass, stones and granite were included . Its decorative use reached its peak in the 70s, but after being replaced by other types of more modern materials, it gradually disappeared.
Its return seems to have compelling reasons: it adapts easily to multiple indoor and outdoor spaces, it is inexpensive and elegant. But that's not all, one of the novelties of terrazzo is that we can find it in almost any color, it is no longer necessary to settle for the colors of the remains from which it comes, because the industry has made sure that it adapts to all pleasures.

Where to use terrazzo in the kitchen?

Terrazzo can be used in multiple spaces in the kitchen.
There are multiple options for using terrazzo in the kitchen. It can be applied in different spaces and can be combined with the color palette you want . This is precisely one of the great advantages of this material: its versatility in shapes, colors and applications.

Kitchen spaces where to use terrazzo

Terrazzo was originally used in outdoor spaces, especially in flooring. And yes, on internal or external floors it looks very good, but it is not the only space where it can be used if you have thought about redecorating your kitchen with it.
The use of islands in kitchens is a trend that is here to stay. It allows you to have contact with your family or with your guests while you cook and, by using terrazzo in it, you will give it greater prominence .
Dare to use a terrazzo of strong colors, if the rest of the kitchen is of neutral tones . Although it will also look very good if you choose any other color that goes with the palette you have already chosen.
Another favorite kitchen space to use terrazzo is the countertops. In addition to giving them a lot of style, color and elegance, it is a resistant material, it will not be easy to break or burn it .
If you have not yet decided what colors to use, imagine a terrazzo top in orange tones. It would go perfectly with turquoise green drawers , for example. Now, if your kitchen is in pastel tones , you can use a terrazzo in pastel colors as well.
Use it on the floor or on the floor and walls at the same time.
Yes of course! On the floor of your kitchen the terrazzo will go wonderfully. It does not mean that because this is its traditional use, your kitchen will look old-fashioned, on the contrary, it will look elegant and very cozy . This look will be guaranteed by the color palette you choose, as well as the shapes.
If something has terrazzo, it is that it allows us to dare, therefore the invitation is to give yourself the luxury of combining the forms that this material offers you to have a unique kitchen floor.
The walls of the kitchen are a very important space. It is about covering them with a beautiful material that matches everything and is very hygienic . The tiles are one of the largest and most traditional options, but the terrazzo is even more perfect.
The use of terrazzo on the kitchen walls allows for a clean and shiny finish , which does not show the joints. Even more important, it is a very smooth material that allows easy cleaning and removal of grease and other fluids typical of this space.
In addition to its usefulness, nowadays the terrazzo in this space can be combined with the countertops, the floor or the island , both in figures and in colors.
Floor and walls
This is an option for the riskiest that will be worth it. Terrazzo can be used and look great on kitchen walls and floors at the same time. If you like strong colors you can use them in these two spaces at the same time, but you can also use them in pastel colors , in your pop art or rustic kitchen.
If discreet risk is your thing, terrazzo can also accommodate it. You can place a terrazzo in neutral colors and tiny pieces in both spaces and achieve this effect.

Terrazzo colors, sizes and shapes

Play with shapes, sizes and colors.
Terrazzo offers us infinite color options. They range from strong colors, which have been the most traditional, to pastel or neutral colors . This makes this an ideal material to use in the kitchen.
It can be adjusted to the original colors if we are talking about a subtle remodel or give a total turn to the kitchen that you have been using for many years. It all depends on what you are wishing and planning.
Now, the same happens with the shapes and sizes of terrazzo, you can find plates with tiny shapes that are usually used in more sober kitchens or there are also some with large and noticeable figures . As with the colors, the shapes will depend on your tastes and how you have dreamed your ideal kitchen to be.

Wait no more, renovate your kitchen using terrazzo!

Did you know that you could use terrazzo in all these spaces in your kitchen? Probably not, but now you know it and can make the decision to renovate your kitchen using this material without any fear. All you need is your imagination and start choosing colors and shapes to start remodeling right away.