3 original coat racks for your bedroom
The coat racks have the ability to offer functionality and decoration. The fundamental idea is to achieve an original aesthetic concept.
One of the most frequent problems in the decoration of the rooms ( if you need more decorations ideas click here ) is the difficulty of keeping all our belongings in order . This becomes especially difficult when we have many clothing accessories. An effective way to solve it would be with these original coat racks for your bedroom.
The coat rack is one of the most useful and practical home furniture; Its main function is to keep coats and accessories clean and tidy when we are not using them. However, it is not only useful in the winter months, it adds great visual appeal to a space that is often neglected.
In addition, this element can become a very versatile decorative resource , since we can use it as an elegant tool for storing coats or as a display for any other accessory, at the same time that it helps us unload our clothes closet .
The coat racks transform the interior decoration, creating more welcoming and well-organized living spaces.

1. Original coat racks: a mannequin as a coat rack

Sewing mannequins.
We often associate mannequins with clothing windows or jewelry stores; however, there are many ways to use one of these figures as a decorative element . A favorite way of incorporating the resource into the decoration of our home is by using it as a coat rack.
Mannequins are a decorative element that provides an unequaled artistic and eclectic nuance. Thanks to its original shapes, this resource incorporates a distinctive element to the decoration of any room, making it a unique space .
Throughout the history of design and fashion, mannequins have evolved, giving rise to a whole range of models and shapes:
  • One of the most used mannequins in the world of decoration is sewing . This model can be found in almost any material, be it wood, leather or plastic.
  • Another possibility is the one that is lined with beautiful fabrics , which helps us to make this element a focal point of the bedroom decoration.
  • In turn, we can incorporate wrought iron into the decoration of our home . This resource is perfect for classic-style bedrooms, where elegance and romanticism take on a special role.

2. Reuse of a pallet

Pallet coat rack / articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx
Half pallet rack.
Considering how versatile wooden pallets are when it comes to DIY projects , it's no wonder there are so many useful shapes for the home. An original idea is to turn it into a personalized coat rack .
Obviously, any material can be turned into a decorative resource. Therefore, it is important to recycle and give a second life to the materials that provide a certain aesthetic.
  • A pallet can be reused as a coat rack. It consists of painting it and then attaching some hooks at different heights for coats, bags and scarves . You can paint each board a different color; in this way, you can create infinite combinations.
  • Another way to use a pallet is to combine the function of a coat rack with that of a shoe rack . To do this, you only need to join two pallet boxes of different sizes to create a specific space for both accessories and footwear .
Give your pallet a rainbow design or just apply your favorite shades

3. Original coat racks made of wood and rope

Wooden coat rack / delikatissen.com
Wooden and rope coat rack.
If you are looking for the minimalist and contemporary essence to organize your accessories, the solution is a floor coat rack made with wooden sticks. This typology is an elegant resource for modern rooms , where order is a priority.
To carry out this fantastic project, we will only need four wooden sticks and rope . As we can see, its construction is really easy. We simply have to tie the sticks with the rope and, later, turn them in a spiral position so that they hold.
The only consideration we should have about this coat rack is that it needs to extend its legs to find stability. This implies that we need a space large enough so that it does not saturate the entire room .
The simplicity of the wood combined with the rope make this coat rack a modest but elegant decorative element for the bedroom . It is perfect for Nordic-style environments , in which the simplicity of the elements take on a special role.