Ideas to renovate your closets and dressing rooms
Closets and dressing rooms are the pieces of furniture that can help us the most in the storage of our home, but not only do you see them from a functional point of view. By applying some ideas you ca
Renovating your closets and dressing rooms ( click here for more decor ideas ) can be a difficult task, but with a few ideas it will be easier. Closets and dressing rooms are pieces of interior design that make the most of the space in your home. Another advantage of this type of furniture is that it completely occupies the space between the walls.
In addition, they are very versatile and can be adapted to different styles , allowing the placement of different types of doors. Among the most used doors we have sliding, folding or folding doors.
But, we can also find certain drawbacks, such as that they are not flexible. In most cases they are fixed , which will condition the decoration of your space.
When you decide to renovate the interior design of your house, you can do it without getting rid of your closets and dressing rooms. With a little imagination and a lot of dedication you can achieve wonderful results.
With the ideas and tips that you will find below, you will be able to transform cabinets and completely renovate them. Here we tell you and share some ideas to give your wardrobes a modern and updated touch.

Renovate your closets and dressing rooms: fully open them

Design the perfect dressing room.
If your closet is one of those that have large dimensions, you can choose the alternative of eliminating the doors and leaving it fully open . You can also include some drawers and shelves to create a dressing room very quickly. When you remove the doors to the closet, you will notice that it will be lighter.
Another very interesting option is to replace your typical closet, totally closed, with an open dressing room . This type of dressing room is luxurious in the rooms and will not take up much space.

Or you can open it partially

A proposal that is gaining more and more followers is to partially open the cabinets . You can open your closet, but without leaving everything in sight, using curtains for this purpose.
With the curtains you can cover the parts of your new dressing room that you do not want to leave exposed. They will not only serve to hide the part of the garments, they will also serve as decorative pieces.
As a tip, choose curtains with light or neutral colors if your room is Scandinavian style. But, if your room is inspired by the industrial style , choose strong tones.

Mirror and glass doors

Mirrored wardrobe and sliding doors.
If you want to renovate your cabinets without doing a lot of work, adding mirrors to your closet doors is a good idea . These mirrors will reflect the light that enters through the windows of your room, which will make it brighter and you will have the feeling of greater space.
In addition, glass is a good alternative if your cabinets have sliding doors . Its wide doors allow the glass to reflect light to create an atmosphere with character in your room.

Dressing room in a passing area

Any place in your house is potentially transformable. In this way, if your house has a fairly wide corridor, it can be your dream dressing room if you know how to choose materials and furniture.
You can opt for curtains to separate it and give it more privacy , complementing the space with drawers and embedding cabinets on both sides. With these reforms, you will have a dressing room in a passage area.

Renovate your closets and dressing rooms

One of the best options to save space in your room or in the guest room, but without losing good taste, is to integrate a bed in the built-in wardrobe.
With this simple, but significant reform, you will gain space in your rooms, making the most of the closet. But you will not only be able to hide the bed, you will also have the option of, for example, hiding a work area in your closet.
Painting classic cabinets, those with wooden doors, is one of the decorators' favorite options to recycle furniture. But do not forget that you must take into account how to paint a wooden furniture.

Make it part of the decoration

Bedroom with wardrobes and dressing rooms
Many times the wardrobe is an element that we find strange and difficult to integrate into the decoration of your room. But you can solve this by integrating it into the decoration of your space.
Just follow the style of the decoration of the space where the closet is located . For example, if the walls of your bedroom are covered in wallpaper , try placing the same wallpaper somewhere on the outside of your closet.

Try to make the most of the space

There is no doubt that mezzanines or mezzanines have many advantages , both functional and decorative. With a house with high ceilings, you can create these spaces above your closets.
You can open the upper part of your closet, leaving a free space between closet and ceiling , and use the upper space as another area of ​​your room. This is a great way to get the most out of the square footage of your home, as well as creating a unique place.

Paint cabinets and dressing rooms dark

When you want to have a quick and low cost change, the best option is to paint your cabinets . But if you also want your room to have an elegant touch, you should use dark tones, especially in the range of grays and garnets.
As a tip, you can divide the decoration into two parts, have a light background and use dark accessories and furniture . Opt for a dark gray for the built-in wardrobe to make it stand out from the decor.
There are an infinity of ideas to renovate your closets and dressing rooms, but we wanted to show you the ones that we consider most practical and that can take your spaces to the next level.