Rough ceramic for rustic-style floors
When it comes to applying a rustic and country design, this type of ceramic provides the environment that we so desire and helps us to generate a placid and comfortable environment.
Our home can be nurtured by a country environment from the resources we use. Furniture, colors, shapes, objects, etc. Everything can contribute to the achievement of this end. On this occasion, we want to highlight one in particular: rough ceramic for rustic-style floors.
When we decorate the interiors, we look for different solutions : sophistication, elegance, finesse, gentleness and comfort. These qualities are achieved as long as we use the appropriate elements to obtain a specific aesthetic.
Normally, we tend to look at the image and the appearance of the elements used; however, there is one aspect to take into account that is transcendental: texture. With it, we can complete the aesthetics, whether it is applied to floors, ceilings or walls.

How is rough ceramic for floors?

We have probably not heard of this typology. However, it is quite common to find it in different places public and private, for example, hotels, cottages, villas , chalets , palaces, etc.
It must be borne in mind that it is a very different type of ceramic from the one we usually use. We are used to the one that is smooth, refined and completely flat, without any type of irregularity. Thus, it is often used in bathrooms or kitchens.
On the other hand, the rough, as its name indicates, has a different texture, where each piece is variable and uneven , gaining originality and transmitting a much more refined sense. In this way, a distinguished character is achieved.
It is time to provide the interiors with a unique decoration.

Main features

If we focus on its fundamental characteristics, it is worth paying attention to how it can be used, how it fits into the whole and what sense the home acquires. To investigate a little more, let's get to know it more closely:
  1. 1.
    This type of stoneware is not uncomfortable. Despite having pointed out that the tiles show a certain irregularity, they conform perfectly to any surface and the tread is comfortable.
  2. 2.
    At no time is difficulty perceived when walking. In other words, you don't notice that roughness; actually, it goes quite unnoticed and becomes one more aesthetic component.
  3. 3.
    Another of the qualities is its non-slip capacity. The texture helps, but the material is prepared so that slips cannot occur and thus prevent any type of domestic accident . It also does not absorb moisture and does not favor the development of fungi.
  4. 4.
    The tiles do not have to be uniform. It is possible that there is a range with unequal sides and with the ability to be linked together, as if they were a great puzzle.
  5. 5.
    The appearance they offer is naturalistic, as if it were the surface of a floor that is in the field, hence they fit very well in rustic-style homes. In fact, they are a good bet for all kinds of rural spaces.

Colors and aesthetic expression

Regarding the shades, it must be taken into account that there is a wide variety within the field of rough ceramic for floors. The most common are warm: earthy, orange, ocher, tile, brown, etc. It refers to what we mentioned before: the achievement of that rustic style .
Neutrals also have a place: gray, white, beige , etc. They are a safe bet not to generate aesthetic tension or produce inappropriate contrasts. The most important thing is that we achieve a peaceful environment that favors the relationship with the whole.
All those colors that are more intense: blue, red, green, etc., are out of place, especially if we want the rural sense to be present in the spaces.

How is cleaning and drying done?

When it comes to cleaning these surfaces, it is quite simple. Being a consistent and strong material, disinfectant products such as bleach or ammonia can be used ; Also, it is possible to use soap and water. The important thing is that a proper scrubbing of the floor is carried out .
In this sense, it is not a matter of overusing it too much, since the color can degrade and even the roughness itself can be slightly eroded. You have to maintain daily hygiene at home but without overdoing it.
In short, we have been able to contemplate all the advantages of this resource, both aesthetically and personally. There is no doubt that it is consolidated as a good option for the home as long as we want to establish that rustic atmosphere
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