IKEA Art Event 2021, art comes to your home
The sixth edition of IKEA ART EVENT 2021 has arrived with articles that aim to make your everyday life a work of art.
If anything can be said about the Swedish giant, it is that it is always at the forefront, especially when it comes to functionality, sustainability and design . As part of this commitment, she often releases collections throughout the year that focus on one of these themes. A few days ago they just presented the sixth edition of the IKEA Art Event 2021, do you want to know what's new?
For this new vision of art and home they have had 5 of the most transgressive characters that the creative scene offers. The 10 pieces they present will enchant you.

Where does the IKEA Art Event 2021 come from?

Image: ikea.es
IKEA Art Event 2021, art comes to your home
In the past, art was considered to be something to be observed from afar in a museum or gallery. Today, the idea of ​​art is changing; many artists also work as designers, creating everyday objects that can be used.
According to Henrik Most, creative director of IKEA , the intention is to show that being an artist or designer does not imply that you have to stick to one sector. Think that today you can work in various fields; This new paradigm has had a profound impact on both the design and art scene.
IKEA ART EVENT 2021 seeks to celebrate the sense of wonder caused by the fusion of these fields and bring gallery art into the home. To do this, he has collaborated with some of the most imaginative artists and designers : Daniel Arsham, Gelchop, Humans since 1982, Sabine Marcelis and Stefan Marx.

How is this sixth edition?

The sixth IKEA Art Event is a limited collection that aims to break the border between art and functional design. It presents everyday objects that are placed, turned on and off, but also break the rules of the game and welcome the amazement that art awakens .
Driven by their curiosity, the creators have chosen recognizable objects and put an artistic twist on them. They have changed the idea of ​​what a clock, a lamp , a flashlight, a blanket, a vase or a painting really is. Each of these objects has its own vision to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

This is the IKEA Art Event 2021 collection

Next, we will talk about the 10 objects that you can have in your house from now on. All of them created by talented artists and a concept that accompanies design and functionality.

Silent manipulations

Daniel Arsham is an American multidisciplinary artist whose work combines art, architecture and performance. He is especially passionate about the theme of time, which is why his contribution to IKEA ART EVENT 2021 is a table clock that also reflects his concern with the issues of movement, materials and architecture.

Starring one of the iconic IKEA objects

Image: ikea.es
IKEA Art Event 2021, art comes to your home
Gelchop is a Tokyo-based creative collective that uses hands to bring creative ideas to life. In his work, he deconstructs everyday objects combining them with different elements so that they fulfill a fun and attractive function.
For this collection, they have put their own spin on what is probably the most iconic IKEA item of all, the Allen key, and have created a table lamp and lantern (available in metallic blue and silver) based on their design.

IKEA ART EVENT 2021 and its most poetic and technological vision

Image: ikea.es
IKEA Art Event 2021, art comes to your home
Humans since 1982 fuses art and design to create subversive everyday items. The duo's works raise questions about the acceleration of technology and its dual nature, refusing to label themselves as artists or designers.
Your contribution to the IKEA ART EVENT 2021 follows this line of thinking. They have taken several drones, a modern technological object associated with surveillance, and placed it in an aluminum display case to look like a collection of butterflies. Original? Judge for yourself.

Lighting made art

Image: ikea.es
Ikea lamps
Sabine Marcelis is motivated to get to the essential core of a concept or material. His designs often have a minimalist quality to emphasize the specific properties and effects of the materials used.
The designer was inspired by the torn canvases of the Italian painter Lucio Fontana and created wall lamps by experimenting with cutting and folding the paper. They come in two different sizes and can change their hue in five colors.

The joy of everyday life at IKEA ART EVENT

Image: ikea.es
IKEA Art Event 2021, art comes to your home
Stefan Marx is a German artist and illustrator who wants to bring joy to the home through art. That is why he has chosen to create a vase and a blanket, something that can be used and admired on a daily basis.
Like much of his work, the two articles are brimming with emotional sentences: " I'm so so so sorryyyy" , on the vase, and " I wait here you forever as long as it takes" on the blanket; phrases the artist scrawled in his notebook after seeing the message in graffiti on a wall in London.
What do you think of the proposals for this year's IKEA ART EVENT? Without a doubt, they surprise and offer the possibility of bringing some art home. They are already available in stores and on the web. Tell us which of these options you will choose to give that special touch to your home.
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