Openable windows: advantages and user manual
Discover all the details, the pros and cons of the practicable windows. Thus, you can decide if they are the ones that fit the needs of your home.
The openable windows have become the favorites of most of the homes in front of the sliding ones. If you are thinking of making changes at home, you are interested in knowing why this system is so interesting.
This system offers you a lot of advantages; discover them below, in addition to all the types you find on the market. They will make your life easier when it comes to insulation, ventilation and cleaning . Are you interested in knowing more?

What are practicable windows?

The practicable windows are those that open around a fixed axis. This can be found in the top, bottom corners, or in the middle of the frame. They are also known as casement windows, because they can be opened laterally or vertically.
One of its main attractions is that they offer a total opening angle and a hermetic seal that is quite resistant to changes in temperature, as well as airing off outside noise quite well.

Features of this window system

If you do not know what type of windows to choose, perhaps making a list of advantages and disadvantages would help you to make the best decision for your home. Here are the pros and cons of casement windows.


This type of system opens without obstacles, which allows you to enjoy the views and ventilate better. Since you can access both sides of the window, they make them easier to clean . Another point in its favor is that it is the most used system in most countries, and this makes them have more competitive prices.
On the other hand, they are capable of achieving great thermal and acoustic insulation given their pressure-tight closure, which results in significant energy savings in both light and heating or air conditioning costs. Your house will be warm in winter and cool in summer.


If you have a mini flat it may not be the right option, since you need space to open them. Also, you have to bear in mind that there can be no furniture in the opening path.
You cannot find sheets of sizes that are too large, so if your window is maxi, it is best to opt for another type of system.

Types of practicable windows

Taking into account the type of opening, there are different types of anchoring, which makes the window open in one way or another. It is important that you know them so that you can decide which of them best suits your spaces.
Swing window. They are those that have the hinges in the vertical part of the profile. Its opening is horizontally towards the interior or exterior of your home. It is one of the most used systems, since it can have one or two leaves.
Oscillating window. In this case, the hinges are on the horizontal axis of the window profile, which allows it to open with a slight inclination to the outside or inside. This creates an opening that is great for ventilation without having to open all the way.
Tilt-and-turn window. We are talking about the combination of the two types of openings that we have just discussed. Hinge locations are both vertically and horizontally. They are the most recommended, since you can play with the way you open your windows.

More openable windows

Pivoting window. To make it easier for you to understand, imagine a revolving door - this is how it works. The clamping is on and revolves around the central axis of the window and the sash.
Tilting window. It is like a pivoting window, but with the difference that the axis is horizontal. It is typical of roofs and dormers .
Projecting window. This type of operable window has an outward opening, which is achieved by opening with a push arm, leaving an angle of 45ΒΊ. It is usually the one used in offices and offices .
If you want to see more clearly what these types of windows are like and ask for a quote, do not hesitate to visit an expert. We always recommend that you get advice from the best professionals to avoid making mistakes. A good window system not only beautifies your home, it also helps you save money.
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