Guide to a romantic bedroom
If you dream of a romantic bedroom where you can relax and let yourself go, take a look at what we have prepared for you.
If you are one of those who enjoys having spaces for intimacy with or without a partner, you will surely love the idea of ​​having a romantic bedroom: soft colors, warm textiles, floral prints and an object with French touches, will be the key for you to achieve it. .
If you are already sighing just by reading us, take a seat, make yourself comfortable and pay attention to this easy and clear guide so that you can have that corner to dream.

Bring out that romantic that you carry inside

Guide to a romantic bedroom
Many confuse being romantic with being corny and the truth is that nothing could be further from the truth. At the end of the day, romanticism is full of tender and friendly details but, above all, invaded with beauty.
The search for suggestive lines, loving fabrics and small delicate flowers are the leitmotif of a decorative style that has more followers than you can imagine.
Some of the key elements to light the flame in your bedroom are wood, pastel tones, a wrought iron bed with a canopy, if possible, or a spectacular chandelier. Add-ins will play a huge role with delicious smells, intimate lighting, and soft textures.
If you want to know how you can get a romantic bedroom in which to dream, follow the guidelines that we give you below and let yourself be seduced.

For a romantic bedroom, nothing like a four-poster bed

Nothing more effective to impregnate yourself with romance than a four-poster bed. If you have enough space, you can put the wrought iron or wooden structure and hang long curtains with a lot of drape from it.
If your room is small, do not suffer: there is a proposal for mini spaces. Get yourself a mosquito net, like this one from IKEA , and hang it from the ceiling. To make it more feminine and splash it with beauty, sew some details such as small pebbles, butterflies or leaves, and add a garland of lights to complete the look.

A little piece of France at home

The French style is capable of making romanticism enter every hole in your home. Add some details that reproduce this aesthetic.
One of the classics are the chandeliers with their sinuous shapes, tinkling glass and the elegance of the 18th century Parisian aristocracy. Far from what you are imagining, it looks great if you make it the absolute protagonist of your bedroom. We suggest that you do not make it compete with another striking piece, such as the canopy bed, because you could recharge the environment.
Another must of this deco style are the large mirrors with golden frames. Include one in your bedroom and you will see how beautiful it is; yes, pay attention to what Feng Shui has to say about it.

The favorite colors of a romantic bedroom

Classic and romantic bedroom
Use a neutral base to support you in adding soft, powdery colors. The ones that are best for this style are pink, mauve or green. You can paint the walls or use them only in accessories and bedding. We suggest this Zara Home duvet cover .​
Think how good they look if you put some candles to give them warmth and don't forget to include plants and flowers ; after all, they are a most romantic detail, don't you think?

Some patterns that make you fall in love

You got it right! The embossed floral are the darlings of the romantic bedrooms, but not worth anyone. Look for those that are in soft or natural colors and better if they are small, like liberty .
Another of the most characteristic patterns is the Toile de Jouy, do you know it? It was born in France in 1970 and, originally, it was made in a single color (blue, red or sepia) on a white background. It reproduced pastoral and mythological scenes, events of the time or flora and fauna.
Today, they are still monochromatic, but the color gamut has increased and the themes they capture as well.
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Have you seen how easy it is to have a romantic bedroom? Add candles, flowers, blankets, and don't forget to fill the space with pleasant scents.
Now, you just have to enjoy your room, feel comfortable and relax in the environment you have created. Do you have any more ideas to complement it?
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